Review: This is a Long album title…

Review #2 Modest Mouse “This is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About”

Hey look I like indie music too…

This is one of my favorite albums for a bunch of reasons. It has a certain feel throughout the whole thing and they obviously based other albums off of this one, except for the more recent ones, which I’m not too excited about. Sure it’s natural for a band to change styles after a few years, but it was so abrupt! It happened in a snap and bang, their video for “Float On” was everywhere. It kinda pissed me off. Enough ranting… here we go

The album is loooong and most songs take off in simplistic bridges and alternate parts with maximum emotion and intensity. What I love about Modest Mouse is the fact that they can make a really simple two chord line sound awesome. We don’t see that much here but this comes out in most of the stuff from Building Something out of Nothing. The simple line from Dramamine carries out for the whole song laying out a nice backdrop for the rest of the harmonies and counter-melodies. It is a well constructed song and there are many of them on this album.

The almost clean sound on the guitar gives this early incarnation of Modest Mouse a very distinct sound. The trebly bass adds more to their unconventional approach. Melodies are almost mournful of a time lost to the band. The lyrics are equally depressing, citing references to societal isolation and arguments and frustration with life and other people. There is a general discontent that goes on through the album and ties songs like “Beach Front Property” or “Tundra/Desert” together. This emotion surrounds the album and makes it better than the simple angst seen in “Dramamine” or “Breakthrough”.

In short, it’s a great, and somewhat depressing album. I think it’s great to fall asleep to or put on during long drives (whoops) especially if you just want to vent. Also the opening scream in Beach Front Property makes me very happy.

More good albums to be reviewed in the coming weeks!



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