Review: Best of the Worst

Album: Calling from the Grave

Artist: Best of the Worst

Download here:

All of this will wash away!

Hooookay! I’ve been waiting for this EP since the summer!

Reviewing this was difficult, not because I wasn’t sure about how I felt about it, but I’ve just been unable to escape the urge to listen to Tomahawk Chop (Indie/Pop punk), and the mellower Iron and Wine (Folk). I’m going to try something different this review and go through each song individually. Here goes.

The album starts off with a pretty hardcore tribute to the Flaming Tsu– I mean all those bands that are breaking up soon. Needless to say it’s a strong opener and the gang vocals at the end set a forceful tone for the rest of the EP. “Why Don’t You Have a Seat?” combines pop punk, ska, and hardcore into sort of a jumble. I really don’t know if I like it. It feels like there are a million different parts. Like a frankensong. Regardless it’s fun to listen to and it has some really awesome horn parts and the male and female harmonies (that made Quarter Life Crisis really enjoyable) are plentiful.

The next song, “Back of our Mind”, is really a triumph of ska. I can’t help but dance in my seat when I hear the opening trombone part. Did I mention I love trombones? Lyrics are great too (lyrics and explanations of each of the songs is on a PDF in the extracted file). It’s all about the younger generations are living in a world with the constant reminder of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Also, gotta love the breakdown at the end.

I really like “Beaten to the Punch”. It’s progressive, has weird time signatures, cool chords and an overall interesting concept. Read the lyrics for an idea of what they were thinking when writing it. ‘Nuff said.

“Another Round”: I like their mini songs. I wish they would expand on them a little more. Nevertheless I feel like it provides a good interlude between the two “halves” (not exactly) of the album.

“Crashing” is just a plain old party song when you get down to it. The only thing that I thought was “wrong” was that the intro feels too major. I guess it fits the song. I bet it’s more fun live than on the album. I love the outtro. We Are the Union anyone?

I have a lot to say about “Wash Away”. It’s tied for my favorite song with “Back of Our Mind”. It starts out with a really cool hardcore riff over the harsh lead vocals. It’s a fast paced redemption song that I think embodies some key elements of Best of the Worst’ philosophy. The ending guitar part right after the breakdown is the climax of the song in my opinion. This is the transcendence talked about in the song and the feeling builds to finally let down at the outtro. Not only is this song very relatable, it’s a great closer to the album that wraps everything up in the nice 20 minute package that it is.

Overall, this is a great second album from the Best of the Worst. Not only do are they making some great pop punk/hardcore, they’re also bending the genres and introducing new elements to them and making new music, which is what I love. They manage to write some really great horn parts without resorting to cliché. I think the key word is interesting. It’s fun to listen to and it’s obvious they haven’t lost anything in the time between QLC and CftG. So support your local musicians by not paying anything for this album (donations welcome). The only one regretting this download is my headphones. They need a break.



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