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Review: Bramble

Posted in Reviews with tags , , , on April 6, 2010 by jeffathearingaid

Artist: Bramble

Album: H.A.G.S. (Had a Great Summer)


I stumbled on this folk band a couple weeks ago on a myspace band hunt and quickly became accustomed with their wholesome, folksy sound. they sing of trains and nature and love. Swimming in rivers and watching the seasons change.  It’s very positive, relaxing music. Here is a quick review of their recent EP, HAGS.

One of the things that makes Bramble so appealing is just their simple, down to earth feel. They have pretty standard, but wide-ranging, instrumentation for a folk band with an accordion, acoustic guitar, banjo, tambourine and mandolin all worked into the recording. Nothing is too spectacular in the instrumental area, but it doesn’t need to be. For Bramble it’s all about the songs. These songs are expertly crafted. The bouncy opening track is just begging to be played on a sunny morning on the way to a state park or the beach or something. Each song gives off a certain feel. In “Trains X” we explore a fleeting relationship that lasts for but a few days, until the lovers must part ways. The accordion really takes the lead in theis song and carries the fun rhythms.

“Colors” is the stand-out track on this EP. It captures the feeling of longing and loneliness that comes with fall, turning into winter, but it also manages to stay in style with the rest of the album, which is very warm. The song opens with harmonies and a folksy hook that I can’t get out of my head, and plunges into the mid-tempo song about changing seasons. The lyrics in “Colors” overshadow all the other songs, finding symbolism in autumn and the turning of the leaves. “Kicking through these piles of leaves up to your ankles got me thinking/ What a thing it is to find such joy in something else’s sorrow/ What a life to live to see such yesterdays and await tomorrow/I see the difference in the context, something dies and something’s born.”

The background singing is less than glorious, but the lead singer is a joy to listen to. He has a clear, earthy voice that really makes these songs work.

This a tight, soulful band. Their songs are optimistic and joyful. I instantly get into a great mood when I hear the opening song, “Fruit of the Moon”. Bottom line is it’s fun, poetic folk music that’s strangely beautiful.

You can find Bramble by clicking here or going to their myspace.