Hearing Aid Music was thought up at a band practice as a way to get our obscure music tastes out to the public and share what me and my friends have discovered in both local and national bands. we want to connect with fans of music and overall just have a good time doing what we do all the time anyway, which is talk about music.


If you ever want us to review you music email us here: Jeffathearingaid@gmail.com

Be our guest! We won’t bite! (too hard)

Thanks for reading,



2 Responses to “About”

  1. You should review A Billion Ernies & Stuck Lucky.

    • totally planning on it. I’m going to review the new Stuck Lucky 7″ that just came out when I get my hands on the vinyl. and as for ABE, I think Dean was gonna jump on that.

      Thanks for watching,

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