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Upcoming Items

Posted in News on June 1, 2010 by jeffathearingaid

Hey readers,

There are going to be some changes to this blog and we may even change the blog/rename it (ever been to the Hearing Aid Music on Blogspot?). We will not be a review site anymore. It took me awhile to realize I was just writing about bands I liked and I think there is a place for that but that’s not really what a review site would do.

So, in short, our newest goal is to become a non-profit organization that does more to break down the walls between artists and fans. We will be promoting and even booking shows in the southern NH and Northern MA area, while giving readers a centralized place to read about local bands.

A huge part of what we will eventually grow into is to raise money for select charities at the shows we sponsor. Ryan brought this idea up and I think it’s something to pursue.

Hope all is well,

~ Jeff


The Latest News

Posted in News on February 27, 2010 by Ryan

Hello everyone, this is an update of what’s going down with local bands and music of late.


Community Records is pretty active right now, just recently releasing the first issue of their Street Team Zine. It includes poetry, interviews, vegan recipes, and much more. The whole zine can also be viewed on the Community Records website. If you’re interested in submitting to the next issue of the zine, information can be found on their as well.

CR also just recently put up a special promotional offer for the 2010 year. To help pay for all the releases that will be occurring this year, the record label is offering the Caddywhompus vinyl w/ CD, Maddie Ruthless vinyl w/ CD, The Flaming Tsunamis vinyl w/ CD, Safety vinyl w/ CD, A Billion Ernies / Informant split vinyl w/ CD, The Rooks 7 inch vinyl, See You In Mexico CD, all other records that are released this year, and a CR t-shirt of your size all for $100. More information is in this video:

A Billion Ernies also recently released a song on their Myspace which will be featured on the split. The song and the band’s tour dates for the spring can be found here.


Open Hand Records is also in the works of putting out some new music. It was just announced that the technical skacore band A War Against Sound (from the United Kingdom) will be releasing their next CD through OHR. It is set to release March 25th.

Aaron Hibbert, founder of OHR, also just released his own EP Cages, which is available for download here.

Disasterfest II is also in the works and is currently underway. It is set to be on July 24th at the Wakefield Unitarian Church from noon to 9pm. Bands will be announced soon. Up to the minute updates can be found on the event’s Twitter page.


Bill Ross and Greg Nahabedian have recently revived Southern New Hampshire Music. The group aims to help local musicians and the big plan is to open a venue that is more accessible to musicians and those who wish see them perform. If SNHM is able to, they will make the cover charge this venue only $1.

Southern New Hampshire Music can be found on Myspace and Facebook and their blog can also be found here.


And if anyone is interested, Streetlight Manifesto put up the track listing of the first CD in the series of 99 Songs of Revolution.


That’s all for now. Expect more in this coming week when New Hampshire gets its power back.


New Year’s Blurb

Posted in News on December 31, 2009 by jeffathearingaid

Hey readers! It’s pretty much the New Year so I thought I’d leave one as sort of a reflection on my year and hopefully the year in music, but honestly I don’t know of many albums that came out this year because generally I’m so caught up in what goes on locally and I discover bands long after I should. (I’m so qualified, right?)

But anyway, this year has been one of my best and worst. This Sunday was definitely a statement to that when I got into a car accident. It was easily the worst experience I’ve ever been through. I won’t get into the details but basically I collided with another car at an intersection. It was sort of complicated because I was turning left and the green arrow just went out, and frankly I can’t even remember hitting the other car. Everyone kept asking me if I lost consciousness but I said no. Looking back on it I think I did. I don’t remember the impact, I just remember waking up and seeing smoke billowing out of the dash and not being able to get out of the driver’s side door. No one was injured and I’m pretty much over it. Regardless, I’m still shaken up and pretty uptight in cars. I’m just glad to be alive and to be paying a boat load for insurance (hah).

I feel like this was a great year for donation based labels especially Community Records who had an extensive tour this Summer and brought along Fatter Than Albert, Stuck Lucky and A Billion Ernies. Open Hand Records released a lot of music from artists like Matt Wixson, This is a Stick Up, Paranoia Dance Party, and Best of the Worst. Also Quote Unquote re-released Three Cheers for Disappointment by The Arrogant Sons of Bitches. If it was actually from 2009 I’d say it was album of the year. One of the best ska albums, if you’re into the whole “disillusionment-punk” as I call it. Woodland Records also released some cool pop-punk and ska albums. Go check it out. Also if you’re into gypsy/roots music check out the stuff at Birthquake records. Great folk punk and gypsy wierdness from Wood Spider. granted their recordings are sometimes hard to listen to but it’s fun music.

Finally, go listen to some Elvis Costello, it’s great for the soul.

We’re going to be reviewing Atlas the Atom Smasher’s demos next week. here’s a link to download ’em.

Happy New Year all, I hope your 2009 was better than mine.


Here We Go

Posted in News on December 16, 2009 by Ryan

Hello everyone,

My name is Ryan Gallagher and Jeff has allowed me to become a reviewer for Hearing Aid Music, and I’m really psyched about this. Over the summer I had been thinking about starting such a thing as this but never got around to it, but now I have the chance to put my thoughts somewhere on the music that I listen to. For those of you who don’t know, I play in the band Silent Distortion as one of two guitar players so I know the local ska / punk music scene, along with some of the hardcore scene that we have around here in New Hampshire. I’m also in tune with all those Community Records and Open Hand Records bands so you’ll see reviews of them as well.

So I hope to add to this blog with my musical knowledge and input and tastes and help people have an enjoyable time reading these reviews. I have a couple other ideas for this blog as well that not even Jeff knows about.

Thanks! I’ll be posting soon.

Silent Distortion playing at Disasterfest


– Ryan

Let’s take a Walk…

Posted in News on December 7, 2009 by jeffathearingaid

So I’ve been meaning to post something about the show on Friday in Rockport because I feel like I need an outlet for this sort of thing.

So first off I’d like to thank everyone that came out to Rockport and made the night memorable. Especially the guy who also went to the NYSO concert, it was great when he gave me a dirty look (haha!). But what really made it memorable was Silent Distortion’s set. I can’t remember the first time I saw them, but they have always been the ones with the most energy. Every set is a draining experience. Every set is a catharsis. At Anchors Up one time a while ago, Kyle (lead singer and trumpet player) jumped off stage and grabbed my shirt and screamed the last chorus of “It’s No Use” into my face. Awesomeness.

But this show was different. About halfway through their set their drummer, Greg, told everyone to either shut up, or get out. Somehow they succeeded in shutting everybody up and he did one of the bravest things I’ve ever seen anyone do. He told us the story about how when he played at that venue last in July, he walked to the center of the adjacent baseball field and made the resolution to kill himself. There were some girls sitting on a pool table to my right who were saying stuff like “way too much info” and “Why is he telling us this?” I honestly almost told them too get the fuck out. When someone puts their soul on display, one, there’s obviously a point, and two they just demonstrated why he wanted to kill himself in the first place! My interpretation was that he said that we don’t take the time to understand people or ideas and he referenced the materialism in the whole punk scene ( he wasn’t rambling it’s just my poor memory). But he eventually said that it was the song that they were about to play that made him not commit suicide. It was his love of music and those dedicated to it (not just those that play in a band, but those who understand it) that made him call it off.

I honestly can’t express how much what he said meant to me, because right now I can’t think about anything that makes more sense than music. And I guess that’s why I wanted to do this blog because all I ever feel like doing is listening to, talking about, and playing music. I don’t know what I’d do with myself without it.  And I can’t deny that I haven’t though of driving into a guardrail myself. I guess music is all of our saviors (or our hindrances) It’s not something just to keep me occupied, it’s how I get myself into tangible form. If I was good at painting, I’d paint my brain out onto the canvas. But right now music is my outlet and these bimonthly therapy sessions that we call shows, have turned out to be the best things for me, especially because of Greg’s speech.

So I hope I haven’t said too much in lieu of Greg to repeat exactly what we said, but I feel like I got a half-decent picture of how memorable that show was.

I hate to add to this post but The Best of the Worst just released a new album, that you should totally check out at Open Hand Records It should be right on the homepage. review coming soon.

Thanks for your time,


Hands up! Get down!

Posted in News on November 30, 2009 by jeffathearingaid

So lately I’ve been busy being lethargic and overall just being a slob. But a new review will be up soon. The Best of the Worst will be releasing their new EP Calling From the Grave in a week or so…(?) You can get their previous album “Quarter Life Crisis” if you click on the question mark too. It’s damn good pop-punk mixed with hardcore and ska. I like to think of them as a less corny version of A Day to Remember with a horn section.

Also there’s another excuse for Jeff Rosenstock to scream (sigh) up on Quote Unquote.  I feel like his ship has sailed…but maybe I’ll give it a listen because he’s listed as playing the baritone guitar and I love obscure instruments.

Anyway, our friends Jack of all Boxes just recorded a demo, and it’s pretty awesome. Epic bass lines and some really great lyrics and song structure. They’re pretty much the highlight of the ska scene in Southern NH/Northeast MA. Definitely check them out if you get the chance.

Stay posted,


New banner! and more!

Posted in News on November 12, 2009 by jeffathearingaid

So I recently can’t get enough of the Arrogant Sons of Bitches. They’ve always been nagging at me to listen to them but I didn’t think I could listen to conventional ska bands since I discovered the Flaming Tsunamis etc… But they’re really amazing. I can’t stop listening to “Three Cheers for Disappointment”. It’s just so fast and contains some really great ska/punk. there’s just so much emotion put into it that it’s hard not to like. They have two albums up on Quote Unquote Records. Download some free music from other dudes too.


By the way, did you see the banner? It’s a little low quality but least I got it done. Maybe I’ll make a Myspace one of these days.