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Review: Bomb the Music Industry!

Posted in Reviews with tags , , , , on March 9, 2010 by jeffathearingaid

Artist: Bomb the Music Industry!

Album: Adults!

Download it for FREE HERE.

Excited by nothing!

Rosenstock fans rejoice! New release from BtMI! I’ll be completely honest and say that I’m not a huge fan of BtMI’s earlier recordings! They have a few good, even great songs but I really wasn’t a fan of their recordings. There was too much clutter, more often than not you couldn’t hear the vocals or the guitar was scratchy or there was just something that detracted from the recording.

On a completely different note I really enjoyed this new EP! The only real reason why I downloaded it was because it was new and free, but that’s not why I think that you should download it. It’s just a really well made album and nothing is really grating and all the tracks meld together nicely. It isn’t as frantic as earlier releases. It’s much more organized.

Jeff Rosenstock is still writing great songs. This EP is filled with catchy horn lines, epic chord progressions (I’m looking at you “Sanawon”), and the usual bouts of self-loathing that come with the Rosenstock territory. Out of all the songs, “All Ages Shows” and “The First Time I met Sanawon” are what kept me listening to this album. “All Ages” has this pretty air about it. It isn’t gritty punk or upbeat ska. It just has this great waltz feel to it that builds to a cathartic chorus (featuring Laura Stevenson’s voice!).  “Sanawon” is one of my favorite third wave songs right now. It’s just plain FUN.

So all in all I feel like BtMI! is in a great place right now. I’m looking forward to more stuff like this. You probably won’t like this if you’re hung up on the earlier albums but seriously give it a chance. It’s a little more mellow and better thought out. Oh yeah, did I mention Laura Stevenson sings in “All Ages Shows”? That’s enough for me.

4 Rosenscreams out of 5.