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Review: Bomb the Music Industry!

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Artist: Bomb the Music Industry!

Album: Adults!

Download it for FREE HERE.

Excited by nothing!

Rosenstock fans rejoice! New release from BtMI! I’ll be completely honest and say that I’m not a huge fan of BtMI’s earlier recordings! They have a few good, even great songs but I really wasn’t a fan of their recordings. There was too much clutter, more often than not you couldn’t hear the vocals or the guitar was scratchy or there was just something that detracted from the recording.

On a completely different note I really enjoyed this new EP! The only real reason why I downloaded it was because it was new and free, but that’s not why I think that you should download it. It’s just a really well made album and nothing is really grating and all the tracks meld together nicely. It isn’t as frantic as earlier releases. It’s much more organized.

Jeff Rosenstock is still writing great songs. This EP is filled with catchy horn lines, epic chord progressions (I’m looking at you “Sanawon”), and the usual bouts of self-loathing that come with the Rosenstock territory. Out of all the songs, “All Ages Shows” and “The First Time I met Sanawon” are what kept me listening to this album. “All Ages” has this pretty air about it. It isn’t gritty punk or upbeat ska. It just has this great waltz feel to it that builds to a cathartic chorus (featuring Laura Stevenson’s voice!).  “Sanawon” is one of my favorite third wave songs right now. It’s just plain FUN.

So all in all I feel like BtMI! is in a great place right now. I’m looking forward to more stuff like this. You probably won’t like this if you’re hung up on the earlier albums but seriously give it a chance. It’s a little more mellow and better thought out. Oh yeah, did I mention Laura Stevenson sings in “All Ages Shows”? That’s enough for me.

4 Rosenscreams out of 5.



Oh Susquehanna!

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I don’t think words can describe how good Defiance, Ohio is. I’ve probably listened to their Albums “The Fear The Fear The Fear” and “The Great Depression” about five times this morning. So really go check them out. All their albums are out for free download on their site. Their not that great quality but it’s not an issue since the song writing is so damn good.

Also, Aaron Hibbert from OpenHand Records was nice enough to link back to me. so go check out the music there! the link is on the column on the right side of your screen. I highly recommend downloading The Best of the Worst’s “Quarter Life Crisis”. It’s free and awesome (double whammy!). I guess Aaron Hibbert’s alright. ha. (Damn the Man is good too, go get it.) oh and TIASU are really great if you’re into the hardcore thing. My band played with them a couple time this summer.We fed them and chilled with them and Robbie sang “Dammit” (Blink 182 anyone?) for us. hoo boy. look at me reminisce….

Other news: A couple of my friends are going to try their hand at reviewing so we should hopefully get a BUNCH of reviews going on.


First Review!

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So my first few reviews will be my favorite albums and I’ll work my way into stuff that’s requested or things that I want to review!

Review 1- Fatter than Albert: The Last Minute

FTA took my baby away!

As my first review, this one will most likely set the precedents to all the other ones that will follow or maybe it will be the horrible failure that I eventually delete because of my shame. And don’t feel like I’m only going to review ska albums because that’s not all that I listen to. And yes I do like this band. A lot.

When I first downloaded The Last Minute off, (please go it’s a wonderful place) I sort of expected something along the lines of Erin’s Runaway Imagination. Great third wave ska with a hint of hardcore and jazz. I was really surprised when I heard a more progressive sounding ska with rambling chord progressions that lead into a verse (I’m talking to you 27’s) and a lot of instrumental odysseys. (fourth wave?) The first listen through the 30 minute album warranted a lot of skepticism, but now I’m sold. This album is the concept album that ska needs right now and it brings a lot to the table.
There is no doubt that FTA is writing some very complex and progressive music. They are mixing old school ska and punk with almost jazzy progressions to make a sort of new genre within ska. The two vocals work very well together. Though at the end of 27’s Part 1 the back ups are a little off, but that can be forgiven due to the odyssey the band just took us on. My only complaint is with Panda King. For one, I really think the original part at the beginning should come back in the end instead of the I-V progression that closes the song. Also a friend pointed out that the sax at the beginning is flat and it kind of ruined the recording for me. But if it wasn’t pointed out to me I wouldn’t have noticed. Also it’s a really freaking amazing song.
In short, I love what FTA is doing for ska with this album and for those of you who wish ska wouldn’t change, there will always be Keasbey Nights and The Toasters